Wireless Installations


We take care of all your Wireless Installation requirements

Wireless installation or WiFi has become part of the normal day to day operations in homes and offices worldwide. By the end of 2017, there were an estimated 9 billion WiFI devices in use across the world.

We specialise in wireless installations and support for offices, educational institutions, factories, hospitality sector, outside plants and everything inbetween.

We can assist with the wireless installations:

WiFi installation

Ubiquiti UniFi

We specialize in Ubiquiti UniFi wireless installations due to to the following reasons:

The wireless router supplied by the fiber ISPs does not cover your whole complex/home as falsely advertised. This is where we can help. We can expand on the wireless router to cover your entire home or office.

Althought we favour Ubiquiti UniFi, we do installation and configuration of various other WiFi hardware, i.e., TP-Link Omada EAP etc.

Providing wireless access to your staff is sometimes a cheaper and much quicker solution to running cables, especially where aesthetics is a big concern. We can install a wireless solution with minimal cables and without upsetting the current aesthetics.

Other than the regular home Wi-Fi installation, we provide advanced wireless installations Cape Town services. Wireless network services increase the range of connectivity and enable you to have a high-end internet experience. With recent advances in wireless technologies, if set up correctly, modern wireless networks are more stable and less susceptible to attacks. Wireless should be considered for those hard-to-reach spots where cable routing is not possible. In addition, modern wireless networks have become easy to install and manage, and therefore a cost-effective choice to expand your network. If you have a moving office or home in Cape Town and surrounds, call us for an obligation-free quote and put our wireless installation Cape Town services to the test. We prefer giving wireless solutions according to the client’s needs and budget.