Choosing The Best Network Cable Company As Your Cabling Partner

Technology is evolving fast, which is why you must upgrade your company’s cabling infrastructure to meet the changing needs. Your cabling infrastructure forms the base of your company’s operations. An ineffective infrastructure will make for an inefficient workflow, but a well-performing infrastructure can help your business work more efficiently. In simple words, you need an expert and reliable network cable company for professional installation services for ethernet cable, lan cable or fiber.

Why Is Quality Cabling Important?

If your business is in the expansion phase, or let’s say you are simply shifting offices from one location to the next, you want to upgrade your IT and phone network. To do so, you want to hire a knowledgeable, reliable network cable installation company. Structured cabling forms the base of your communications network infrastructure and is much more than just quality cables. The network incorporates switches, hubs, routers, wireless devices, and even security access systems to make the entire infrastructure coordinate and collaborate effectively. These cabling networks determine the speed, clarity, and reliability of your network connections.

Think of it this way; your data centre is the area that stores, routes, and processes data in your network. For maximum network efficiency, you need to ensure that your cabling infrastructure is effective, sort of like a neural network that connects the brain to the body. You need a cabling infrastructure that promotes high speed and efficient data transfer.

The right vendor will not only provide you with quality cables but will also give you a system that serves your needs effectively for years to come. This is why you need to give due attention to the network cabling partner you choose; these systems will run your business for years to come and play an important role in determining your organisation’s future. In short, you will have to choose the best one from cabling companies Cape Town.

What Cabling Infrastructure Works For You?

Next, you need to determine the cabling infrastructure that works best for your industry. This depends on what sort of business you are in. It all starts by understanding the types of cables available for your business.

There are two main ethernet cable types you can choose from, you can choose from, namely the Cat5 and Cat6 types.

Cat5 Ethernet Cable

The Cat5 data cables are built on the Cat5 cabling standard introduced in 1996. The category 5 cable is a twisted pair of cables for computer networks and produces up to 100 MHz of carriage. It is widely used in offices and home networks and can provide up to 100 Mbps of data transmission. If your network is hooked up to Lan, you are likely using Category 5 cables.

However, a new upgraded version of the Cat5 ethernet cable, the Cat5e cables, has been introduced in recent years. These are “enhanced” cables that provide higher, faster speeds than the Cat5 types. This cable includes four twisted pairs of cables and allows for up to 1000 MBps over 50 meters.

Cat6 Ethernet Cable

Moving on to the second type, the Cat6 cable is quite similar to the Cat5 ethernet cable. However, it consists of four pairs of twisted copper wires instead of two.

Comparatively, it comes with a much higher bandwidth capacity and can deliver higher speeds. A Cat6 cable has a bandwidth capability of 250 MHz and can give speeds of up to 10GBps. It is mainly being used in networks that require higher speeds that reach up to 1000 MBs per second or up to One Gbps of data transfer. The higher the bandwidth, the more capacity for data rates. Think of it as adding a third lane on the highway or using a larger pipe to deliver the same flow of water.

lan cable

Which Ethernet Cable Should You Choose?

This brings us to our main question, which cabling would work best for your organisation.

  • A category 6 cable will work well for your facility if you demand higher performance. It reduces “crosstalk” across your communication channels and provides faster internet speeds.
  • However, if your current internet speeds work fine for you, you may very well keep your current Cat5 network cabling. Cat5 cabling also tends to be cheaper, and pricing is a factor you will need to weigh in.
  • Also, think of spacing, category 6 cables tend to be thicker than category 5 cabling, so if you lack office space, you may opt for the latter.
  • Finally, consider the type of devices you will be connecting to your network. If you plan on installing PoE devices (Power Over Ethernet), go for Cat6. These devices tend to work efficiently on more upgraded cabling.

network cable

What to Look For When Hiring a Data Cabling Company?

When hiring a Cape Town data cabling company, you must keep a few things in mind. To start off, does the cabling service provider provide remote support along with on-site support? Is the company you are hiring has adequate experience in providing structured cabling and fibre installation to similar organisations?

Organisations tend to vary in their sizing and cabling requirements, so it’s best to look for a company that has served similar organisations such as yours. Next, you need to ensure that they don’t simply install cables; they also help integrate your device and phone systems so you can maintain communications among your team members. And finally, you need to look for a service that is quick in its response time and is reliable.

Top Data Cabling Companies in Cape Town You Can Trust

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