Benefits of Structured Cabling To Your Business

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Benefits of Structured Cabling To Your Business

Is your business still using point-to-point cabling systems that are fairly outdated, impossible to scale, and cannot keep up with large data transfers and complex networking? Keep in mind that your IT network is the backbone of your business that allows employees in the organization, call centre or office to interconnect with one another. So, instead of struggling with an outdated system, why not upgrade your business with a structured cabling system to support all your communication needs.

Why Structured Cabling?

A structured cabling system is a complete and carefully crafted system of cabling and associated hardware that allows for more comprehensive telecommunications. Not only does it eliminate the previous jumbled mess of wiring and cables, but it can also seamlessly support all kinds of rapidly advancing technology for the organization. Higher speed, bandwidth, and scalability are some of the demands of modern business networks, and structured cabling systems provide just that!

Benefits of Structured Cabling

Companies are constantly on the lookout for better, manageable telecommunication solutions. Structured cabling is a far more effective solution when it comes to networking infrastructure. Here are some of the benefits your business can get by installing a structured cabling system.

1.   Increased Scalability

Business scalability depends on your existing cabling infrastructure. Point-to-point systems that we mentioned earlier had direct connections from one device to the next and formed a mass of cables that were difficult to keep track of and sort through.

Structured cabling allows for the seamless addition of new supported connections to hardware that will enable the growth of your network. This is because, unlike point-to-point systems, structured cabling is simpler, more organized, and much more flexible.

2.   Reduction in Downtime

With traditional point-to-point systems, any error can be incredibly difficult to pinpoint in the system owing to its complex and unorganized infrastructure.  This leads to increased downtime until you can pinpoint the source of the issue. Comparatively, with structured cabling systems, you can identify the problem in your network a lot more quickly, leading to a massive reduction in downtime.

3.   Higher Bandwidth

One of the biggest benefits of structured cabling systems is the ability to supply more bandwidth than traditional data cabling networks. Higher bandwidth means an increased ability to send and receive larger amounts of data at once. With higher bandwidth, your company can achieve a higher data transfer rate and make communication of all types more efficient.

4.   Simpler Maintenance

Structured cabling systems are known to be extremely organized; this high level of management means that it is simpler to maintain your cabling system. When you have a mess of tangled cables to work with, it can be a hassle to simply replace or remove a cable, often worsening the state of your system. Your business should have a cabling system that is easy to work with and simpler to identify network sections to diagnose any cabling problems more efficiently.

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5.   Reduced Costs

Sure, getting a new structured network cable installation for your organization will be costly, but this is a long-term investment that will help save costs in the long run. Not only will it reduce power consumption, maintenance costs, and time but also boost your overall ROI. You no longer have to deal with errors caused due to unorganized cabling structures as you have a system that is flexible, drives business growth, and improves productivity.

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